15 Kingdoms

Adventure Log Entry #5

Entering the catacombs

The valiant heroes entered the temple of Asmodeus and there were paintings on the wall depicting the war of dragonborn and humans. There’s a summoning pentagram room but nothing else in the room. There is a chapel room with an odd smell of rotting animal. The chapel room has something on the ceiling – carrion crawlers. AJ Killed the carrion crawler with a firebolt. Fanny find a nest for the carrion crawler. A dead carrion crawler and a wand are in the nest. The rotten smell is the dead carrion crawler. Fanny harvests poison from the carrion crawler. Xiri takes the wand. After a short rest xiri identifies the wand as a wand of magic missile with 7 charges.
The adventurers continue on with more with more images of the war of the dragonborn and humans on the walls. There are stairs going down showing an image of asmodeus and the stairs are the teeth of the mouth. Looks very creepy. Fanny’s face when seeing this is outrageous/anger/outrage for the image. Fanny says ‘man this is creepy’. Bemnar has reservations about leaving the pentagon behind.
Stone doors at the bottom of the stairs there is a large room with arch ways. There are sculptures showing humans changing into tieflings. Carvings show asmodeus being gleeful. The room is a balcony the stairs go down to the floor/room. Small alcoves look like beds. The beds are sarcophagi. The lids of the sarcophagi are all pushed to the side and the sarcophagi are empty.
a room to the left is a catacombs. All the catacombs are empty. Tieflings are probably what was buried here. The room is empty the catacombs are empty. Main room has a minotaur skeleton. Minotaur skeleton has a great axe.
Jalana was given the magic missile wand before battle.
Mirror room on the other side of the main room. Empty of everything and has a catacombs. the opposite catacombs is damp and smells damp.
Moving forward in the underground the next room has tiefling skeletons. Dried blood on the ground. Dried blood about a week old. dried blood goes to a closed door. There is more in the room the other way.
Down the room there is a devil in the room. Devil takes less damage is resistant to many things. devil flies away and shoots needles from its tale at jalana and fanny.
Jalana speaks infernal to the devil and the devil says it’s a prisoner. Left the devil in the room and walked away. Devil was stuck in the room by a spell on the borders of the room.
Down the hall leaving the devil, the blood continues through another set of doors.
There are screams to the left of the hallway. Humanoid screams.
In the room – blood torture room. 2 ghouls are torturing a woman. The ghouls are eating the woman. There’s another woman in the corner crying.
Bemnar is attacked by the ghouls and was paralyzed for 1 minute. Jalana attacked the ghouls and killed them.
The woman chained to the wall was tortured. She’s the half-elf that was part of the adventure party from before.
Xiri makes sure the half-elf is not horribly injured. She has superficial injuries. The ears were cut the tips off and rounded. The tortured woman has many bites. Doesn’t have ghol fever the woman is freed by us.
The tortured woman is tahlya. She is weak superficial wounds but weak. Xiri questioned tahlya. AJ gives tahlya his water skin. Kulag is the man talia and her adventures were pursuing. Nocktroth cultist – Kulag.
Talia goes through the pile of stuff that is in the room and pulls out a holy symbol of Gabriel, she is a paladin of Gabriel.
Talia heals fanny/jalana/xiri.
Fanny experiments with the poison she found trying to put it on her weapons.
There is a breast plate in the pile of stuff in the room. Bemnar is putting on the breastplate.



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