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    A tenuous peace stretches thin across the lands of the 15 Kingdoms, where racial, political, and religious animosity can be found seething just below the surface. From the 5 Baronies to Kadroshan to the dreaded lands of Nocktroth, adventure can be found! …

  • Races

    Races in the 15 Kingdoms *Common Races* [[Dwarves]] [[Elves]] [[Halfling]] [[Humans]] [[Dragon-Born]] [[Gnomes]] [[Half-Elves]] [[Half- Orcs]] [[Tieflings]]

  • Redbridge

    Redbridge is a small town on the eastern Border of Wildshire in [[The 5 Baronies | The 5 Baronies]]. It is primarily known for its apple orchards and the alcoholic beverages that are a product of those orchards. To the east, you will find the Kir-Goth …

  • The Church of Traxis

    The Church of [[Traxis | Traxis]] is the most organized religion in the 15 Kingdoms, headed by the Baron of Sardonia, Sardon XIX, and centered in the city of Sardon. The Church is is divided into three branches: The Shield, The Hammer, and The Sword …

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