While more detailed histories can be found in the individual entries for the various nations and organizations, you can find a brief overview below.

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There was once an age of legends, a time when Men and Women that became Gods lived and fought. Then the DarkLords rose and destroyed the age of Legends. The Gods disappeared and 10,000 years of evil and darkness fell across the land.

Humans lived in tribal bands scattered throughout the land. One tribe, beset by Orc hordes, traveled West then south through the Barrier Peaks. Finally, the tribe, lead by a warrior who had proven himself in many battles, reached the coast. Having nowhere left to go, the warrior turned to face the encroaching enemy. The Warrior defeated many orc warchiefs and becam known as NorthernLord

Defeating the Orc hordes drew the attention of the Dark Lords and an even greater conflict arose. NorthernLord freed the gods from the prisons that the Dark Lords had put them in. They gave him a sword that was able to slay even the greatest of the evil spellcasters. And one by one, Northernlord did just that, and became king of all men, ruling from his great city, Thromguard.

The NorthernLord ruled for many years and had three children. Then, one day, the king of Men left his throne. He did not die. He passed his crown to his oldest son and wandered into the wilderness. Some say he wandered of to die like fierce animals often do. Others say he was taken to the realms of the gods for his service. No one knows for sure.

The king’s oldest son became the new ruler, King Jand the First. The lands of Men were divided in three parts, King Jand ruled the central portion from his capitol city of Jandor. The sourthern portion was controlled by Northernlord’s second eldest, Sardon the Faithful. Finally the northern portion was governed by his only daughter Lady Mena. These became the first three Baronies

Many generations went by. Not everyone was content being “the lands of Men” many conflicts were fought as borders and control of resources were established. Often those conflicts lead to others based more on simple prejudice and hatred. Elves fought Humans who fought Dragonborn who fought Elves. The Adlamay Penninsula broke off and became its own nation. Eventually the Elves and Dwarves isolated themselves in their Forests and Mountains respectively.

Just over one hundred and fifty years ago, another conflict nearly ended the Baronies (as it was known then). The king died leaving only a daughter, a young girl by the name of Alaina. While there were no laws against her taking the throne, one of the kings chief advisers led a coup to prevent her from doing so. Only the intervention of her bodyguard, a half-elvan sometime adventurer by the name of Josia Forestwalker.

For several years, the pair traveled and had adventures while the “Lord-Regent” ruled the nation. Alaina went by the name “Walker” and claimed to be the younger sister of her friend and bodyguard. Her skills of stealth and agility served her well. Eventually though, people wanted to rebel against the harsh rule of the regent. Josia and Alaina were drawn into this new conflict. Josia became the general of her Great army and Alaina was made Queen of the Baronies as she should have been.

As result of her taking the crown, Queen Alaina divided the eastern reached of the kingdom into two more baronies. One, Baromere, was granted to the noble family that was the chief supporter of her ascension. The second would be ruled by Josia Forestwalker for his great bravery and dedication. It became known as Wildshire. Queen Alaina ruled for many years in peace.

Modern times

It was not until this current generation that a major conflict threatened to destroy things as we know them, with the invasion that has become known as The Nocktroth war.

A great pass lies between the eastern and western Barrier Peaks just at the northern end of the Kir-Goth Plateau. It was never thought of as any consequence, for only rough, cold wilderness was found beyond, inhabited by barbarian tribes and other dangerous creatures. That Changed when the Nocktroth came. Savage and horrifically scarred priest dedicated to a nameless god lead an arm of giants, orcs, and goblinoids into the 5 Baronies and Kir-Goth Empire, burning and killing nearly everything in their path.

For the first and only time, the armies of Elves, Dwarves,, Kir-Gothi and Human allied to stop the onslaught. Over months of battles, the names of the Nocktroth commander Enoch and their High Priest Necabolus became horrors that even the bravest souls feared to utter.

Yet it was a small group, known as the Knights of the Silver Rose, who finally were able to end the threat. Lead by one of Josia’s greatest soldiers, Graylyn the Bold fought their way to the heart of Nocktroth and defeated Necabolus. Graylyn gave his life to land the final blow while Josia’s armies pushed the Nocktroth back to the north.

It is now been twenty years since the invasion. A massive wall has been built across the pass, Guarded by all the southern races, the last vestige of the alliance. But memory fades and so tensions between nations and people rise once again. Only the Gods know when the next conflict will break.


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