Redbridge is a small town on the eastern Border of Wildshire in The 5 Baronies. It is primarily known for its apple orchards and the alcoholic beverages that are a product of those orchards.
To the east, you will find the Kir-Goth Plateau which marks the border between the The 5 baronies and the Kir-Goth Empire. Fortunately, the cliff’s height makes contact between the two nations rare.

Population: 1508 ( Human 74%, Halfling 11%, Dwarf, 7%, Gnome 3%, Half-Orc 1%. Elf1%, Half-Elf 1%, Dragonborn 1%, Teifling 1%)
Government: Elected mayor
Alignment: Neutral Good

Redbridge is located along the Soldier’s Road that travels North/South, parallel to the border between Wildshire and the Kir-Goth Empire and sits just north of the the border with Barromere.

Most of the land west of Redbridge is taken up by farms and the town’s well known apple orchards. The apple harvest is used to make a number of things, but most famous is the Redbridge Apple-Brandy, which gets shipped throughout the 15 Kingdoms.

To the east, a thick forest known as the Fangwood grows between the village and the tall cliffs of the Kir-Goth Plateau. This plateau marks the border between the 5 Baronies and the Dragonborn Kir-Goth Empire. Decades of tensions between the two nations make the swath of forest and cliffs a strong, if untamed, buffer.

Like many villages, RedBridge started as a simple farmstead. As folks tend to to do, they began to collect in a small clearing between the forest and the farmlands, eventually growing into a small village. It took its name from the covered bridge that was built across the narrow river that runs through the center of town.

The town sustained itself well enough through the farms and small logging operation until a man by the name of Folter Einhart setteled in the town about 50 years ago. He and his family moved East from Jandor in order to “start fresh” as they say. Most of the hardy folk of Wildshire thought Folter was a bit too much of a city boy to be any good at farming. For the most part they were right. Except for his Apple trees. And it also turned out that Folter was a mighty fine brewer. Before long, Folter was selling apple-brandy and shipping it to nearby towns. And Redbridge grew even more. These days, There are a handful of apple orchards (the Einhart Farm is still the largest) near the town and Redbridge has become well-known for them.

Redbridge is governed by an elected Lord-Mayor. The position has been held by Rask Calamar for the last two decades.

The people of Redbridge are mostly hardy farm folk though the town population swells during the apple-picking season. They are friendly but not naive and willing to defend themselves if need be. They share an independent streak that seems to be common of Wildshire folk.

1) The Gilded Sheep
This large inn sits just off the town square and is owned by Lord-Mayor Rask Calamar. A bit of a strange structure, it consists of a tavern connected by a short hallway to a large house used for guests. Rumor has it, the house was a former brothel.

2) The Lady’s Tower
On the very North-western edge of Redbridge, you will find a simple tower made of grey stone that seems to just grow from the earth itself. The thing is, no one in Redbridge remembers ever seeing it built. It was just there one day. This is not too surprising though, as it is the home of a handsome older woman known only as “Lady Kirsten” who is known to be a skilled practitioner of the arcane. She appeared in town around the same time as Lord-Mayor Rask Calamar and the two obviously have some sort of history.

3) The New Temple
A large, newly built temple sits on the town square opposite the Gilded Sheep. It is built in the Sardonian Style and is in fact dedicated to Traxis. Most of the native townsfolk find it gawdy, but it was funded by the church and built on the foundations of the one they had which had been in much need of repair.

Sister Amara, a priestess of Niomi, still tends the flock in Redbridge. She respects Traxis as much as any of the gods, but is not about to let anyone tell him that the church is only for the god of Justice.

4) Elfhouse
5) Redforge Smithy
6) Claus’ Confectionary
7) The Courthouse
8) Sheriff’s office/jail
9) Janos Trevin’s Curio Shop
10) The town well
11) Deela’s House
12) “The House of Autumn Leaves” (Jin’s school)
13) the docks
14) Maggie the Witch’s house
15) The Old Bridge


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