The Pantheon
Niomi- Goddess of Life and Light
Traxis – God of Justice and Revenge
Balin – God of Death, Honor and Protection
Gabriel – Goddess of Love and War
Eileen – Goddess of Art and Magic

Martok – God of Fire and Crafts
Cyrus – God of the Seas and Storms
Hellena – Goddess of Nature and Animals
Jaria- Goddess of luck and travel
Vardis – God of Battle, Strength, and Adventure
Thracius – God of Wine and Drink

Grakken – God of Darkness and Oblivion
Dracus – God of Power and Cunning
Hykeen – God of Thieves and Murder
Selene – Goddess of Illusions and the Moon

The Others
The Nameless One

The Great Wyrm
The Destroyer Wyrm


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