The 5 Baronies

The 5 Baronies is the largest of the organized human kingdoms. However, it has the distinction of being comprised of five separate regions.



Founded 1000 years ago by a barbarian warlord known only as Northernlord, the 5 Baronies was divided among his three sons. While the eldest, Jand, was named King, it was decided that each brother would govern their lands under the title of “Baron”, and the king would only interceed in matters that affected the entire nation. Tree Destinct Baronies were established.

Jandor, ruled by the eldest son, the warrior Jand, became the seat of political power, Jandor.
Sardonia was governed by SArdon, the second brother, a devout man dedicated to the God Traxis. The youngest, Menate, was a bright man and schooled in the arcane arts. His land to the north became Menatol.

Over the centuries, the 5 Baronies continued to expand east. This expansion eventually led to the creation of two more Baronies: Wildshire, ruled by legendary general Baron Josia Forestwalker. and Barromere ruled by Sir Perceival Barromore.

The 5 Baronies

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