15 Kingdoms

Adventure Log #4

We continued to search for the remaining prisoners. The next room we found was full of animals that had been caged by the kobolds—the scum!—for their nefarious purposes. A filthy kobold “inventor” was inside the room, holding a stick with a scorpion attached to it; weaponizing animals, the monster.

Immediately as we ran in, he tipped a barrel of snakes (a barrel of snakes! can you believe the cruelty!) onto the floor, and two of the poor, terrified creatures began approaching us. At the same time he dropped a box of spiders on the floor, and they swarmed towards us as well.

The group focused our attacks on the kobold; I convinced the group not to harm the snakes, but it’s hard to talk someone into protecting a rot grub that’s biting their leg. I began to calm the snakes, while Bemnar had the—ahem—bright idea to throw a box of wasps at the kobold. The wasps stung their master and then dispersed, likely joyful to be free. AJ had the brilliant idea to create a warm spot on the floor, using magic to draw the snakes to safety before they could hurt anyone. They seemed to be happy to curl up next to the warm spot until we could coax them back into the box for safety.

Once the kobold was unconscious I made sure to give it a few swift kicks as retribution for abusing animals.

Once we moved through, we found the kobold “king”, wearing a pair of wings fashioned from wood and leather, likely to convince the other dim creatures to follow him. He was protected by guards, and we fought them soundly. Despite the fact that he tried to bolt down a hallway as we started bloodying him up, Bemnar and I chased him down and saw to it that he would no longer command the kobolds (or make prisoners of humans) again. We rescued the villagers from the attached bedchamber and found a crude map suggesting a location in which we might find the necromancer who made the zombies.

We returned to town to receive our rewards; the townspeople had begun to gossip about our success and it was clear by the next day that we were considered “town heroes”. Many people offered us drinks and food, and the mayor offered us free lodging in his inn, though only a few of us took him up on it. We geared up in town, but before we left we had a strange encounter with a man named Amadeus von Urick…he pulled AJ aside before disappearing out the door with the mayor, seemingly leaving a case behind. Despite my reservations, the group brought the case outside to investigate it; Amadeus and Rask had already disappeared, so we couldn’t inquire further. Inside the case was an odd assortment of items: a steel gauntlet for the left hand, a children’s book named “The Adventures of Cedric Quickhands and His (Most Likely) imaginary companion Cecil”, a woman’s corset and lingerie, an abacus, a toy pipe that blows bubbles, a sketch of a goblin, a tribal blow gun of some sort, and a brass doorknob.

Wanting to know more, we decided to split up and see if we could find Rask, but he didn’t seem to be in the courthouse or in Lady Kristin’s tower. We left the case at the inn with a note to Rask, asking him to return the case to von Urick, and went on our way to the location indicated by the map.

When we arrived at the ruins at the bottom of the cliffs, we were surprised by reanimated Tiefling skeletons. We dispatched them quickly; our monk is swift and our cleric is mighty. We’re now about to enter an archway that apparently leads to a Tiefling temple. Xiri tells us that Tieflings were born of a great ware between humans and dragonborn, and that Tieflings are humans who made a deal with a god named Asmodeus, who is apparently the king of hell. I have a great fear about this place, but we must move on…



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