15 Kingdoms

Adventure Log Entry #2

Kobolds be damned

//Webs are meant to slow or snare. Blood is meant to nourish. Eight legs are better than two // Dreams of spiders mean nothing to the protectors of the townsfolk. Each spinner produced its last silk.

Destroyers of Kobolds came across beasts large and small. Our merry band proved themselves merciful if the opportunity presented itself. Each creature of the world makes its own way. Who were they to inflict unfettered carnage upon the Fifteen Kingdoms? Who were they indeed?

Slayers of the undead was who they proved to be. Rotting corpses emerged from the wood. The shambled, they advanced, they were dashed to bits. Unfortunately we learned what fate had in store for the original company. A fate worse than undeath.

Our Apple-loving bunch went in search of the Kobolds. Each member of our crew took down Kobolds swiftly. Alarms could not be raised. Sleepy kobolds tell no tales, nor ring any bells. Fan took a few too many Kobold strikes. Spells were cast, axes were thrown, Staves were swung. Kobolds of the Clawtoes were no more. Kobolds of the Clawtoes were done for.



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