15 Kingdoms

Adventure Log #6

Hopefully Home is Alright

After saving Talia, we took a breather in a side chamber of these ruins. Just long enough to feel better about how our day was going.
We entered the chamber that Talia had told us that this Kulag character had taken her to before, it wasn’t large, but semi-circular in design with some sort of bloody altar on the far side from the doors.
Standing by the altar must have been Kulag, but he wasn’t alone. There were a handful of skeletons and something that was like a fleshy skeleton…Xiri said it was probably a ghoul. The Kulag guy gave some speech about how Redbridge was going to pay, blah blah…I think he’s a little nuts, but whatever. He ran away through some hidden door behind the altar and the undead bum rushed us.
We had a pretty good defensive cluster at the doors, but Jalana decided to dart around the room after Xiri made most of the skeletons run from her. Jalana’s staff and fist took out a large chunk of the skeletons, leaving the ghoul for the rest of us to fight off.
After everything was dead…again…we checked out the room, but beyond the altar to Asmodeus, there wasn’t much there. We decided to give chase to Kulag and darted into the side room. This turned out to be his bedroom. He didn’t have a lot of stuff, but we pocketed a tome or two, something about a prince and some nameless one. It’s all a bit beyond apple orchards, but I’m sure someone knows something about it.
There’s another door leading out of the tiny room and we follow it to this huge cavern. It was kind of pretty in a creepy way, like most of the ruins have been. When we get in the cavern, we realize this is where Kulag left with his undead army…I said a few words I’m sure that Ma would wash my mouth out with soap if she had heard.
We left the cave and Fan convinced a little bird to carry a note for us to Mayor Rask to warn him of the attack. Then we went after the undead to try and make the army smaller, knowing we couldn’t stop them all on our own.
Maybe half an hour goes by and we were ambushed by a lot of undead, too much for us to handle, but suddenly the forest came alive to defend us. Ok, so it wasn’t really the forest. Turns out there’s a group of druids or elves or druid elves living in the forest west of home. Lady Savara Moonshade warned us about the army, and that she fears for Rask who has apparently been protecting them…which I’m really confused about. She calls down some giant eagles and tells us they will fly us back home to warn the mayor. Flying is cool, I wonder if I could do this without a big bird…not everyone is as keen on flying as I am though.
Next stop, home!
…hopefully it’s still there.



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