Josia Forestwalker

Legendary Hero and Baron of Wildshire


The legendary Josia Forestwalker, Baron of Wildshire, is one of the most renown warriors and generals of the modern era, some even say of all time.

They say he is an ancient elf spellcaster with the strength of a mountain giant. In battle he strikes down his foes with twin bastard swords wreathed in fire and lightning!

He slew the great dragon Kraskinthorax! He and the Knights of the Silver Rose drove back the Orc hordes of Kir-Goth! He led the rebellion that restored Princess Alaina to her rightful place on the Throne of Jandor!

For two hundred years, Josia Forestwalker has ruled and protected the Barony of Wildshire. Many hope he will do so for two hundred more.

Josia Forestwalker

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