15 Kingdoms

Adventure Log Entry #9

Dick Moves

Previously at the 15 kingdoms:

Our heroes wake up from defeating necrodickface I mean the necromancer and are cheered by the red bridge towns folk. Our heroes have some shaky memories of a different out come happening but in the end that questioning feeling goes away and all the heroes feel/know for a fact is that they won!

Back in town Talia and Jalana speak to each other about the books/scrolls found at the necromancers hide out and together decipher what everything means. Together they discover that the necromancer was forced to join the forces of super duper bad and becomes a super duper bad guy – he killed his wife as an initiation (told you he was a dick). Jalana shares this information with the rest of the heroes and together everyone agrees that the necromancer was a huge dick and deserved what he got.

AJ talked to Lady Kristen about how Zarrik Bane (a knight of Sardonia) was a major dick himself and killed Satya – super dick move. Lady Kristen didn’t know this and lost her cool for a little bit outside. The whole town could feel the ground shake. AJ watched Rask calm Lady Kristen down to at least having the ground stop shaking. Xiri finds out from the town’s folk that the knights of Sardonia don’t like anyone not human and so didn’t help anyone not human – a whole group of dicks.

Bemnar speaks with Fedrik (a bartender at the Guilded Sheep) and tells Bemnar that Bem’s ale has been chosen to be in the Kings Cup – a yearly competition for what ale the king will drink at this competition. Bem won! Not a dick thing, but not cool to enter Bemnar’s ale without telling Bem.

Fanny takes a day to go to the forest and relax. Fanny goes and finds the kobolds to make sure they are okay. She doesn’t tell anyone about this. Meepo (good ole Meepo) and a couple of females speak to fanny cautiously. Fanny makes sure to warn Meepo and his people to say where they are and if they need something to talk to her. Totally not a dick move, totally awesome move.

This whole time since the heroes have been back in the town fanny has been asking Rask and other random people about the suitcase that was previously left by Amadeus. No one has any answers for her. Fanny is frustrated by no one knowing and grumbles to herself about liking animals much better than humans. While she falls asleep that night grumbling to herself, Fans critter sense tingle and she wakes up. An animal of some sort has something shiny and climbs into the suitcase and disappears in the suitcase. Fan opens the suitcase and finds that she can climb in. Fan climbs in the suitcase and find that there are a couple rooms and the animal has a little nest of many different things that are shiny. In another corner of one of the rooms is an egg from a creature that is not from the forest, some kind of magical animal. Fan asks the animal what it is and the animal says egg. Fan looks at the animal and gives it some toast. Fan climbs back out of the suitcase and shuts it and makes sure it locks. Fan decides the animal is not a dick just a cute little animal that likes to collect shiny stuff but is perplexed about the suitcase.

The Group meets up again at the Guilded Sheep or as Jalana accidentily writes in the note to Xiri in Halfing, “the Glided Sheep” (Jalana isn’t the best at Halfling – sorry Xiri). Talia states that she is going to travel to New Braddington to investigate the cult that necrodickface was part of. Our great heroes agree to go with and will leave the next morning. At breakfast that morning Fan opens the suitcase to show everyone what she saw and nothing shows except a bunch of random stuff. The rest of the heroes look at Fan and just say yeah it’s a bunch of weird stuff. Fan is confused and shuts the suitcase again. The group gathers their things and joins Talia and moves towards New Braddington.

On the way to the town our heroes see smoke and a group of humans, dwarfs and halflings. This group had been attacked – their stuff ruined and some killed – a bunch of raiding dicks – and pointed the way the raiders went. Oh the raiders were dressed like Kir-Goth (dicks). Our heroes chase the raider dicks down and decided to attach them. Jalana isn’t so stealthy and alerts the dick raiders of our heroes presence. Shit goes down. After a bunch of fighting and kicking the raider dicks butt (orcs and humans – Kir-Gothi are normally dragonborn- and a Noctroth) our heroes prevail. Thanks to Xiri for healing our heroes and thanks to Fan for bringing AJ out of death saving throws. Our heroes loot the bodies and get a bunch of weapons/healing potions/armor from the raider dick faces. The Noctroth’s weapon is newly made – not good, they should all be old – bunch of dicks!

Our heroes go back to the road and travel the rest of the way with Talia to New Braddington.

Until next time…



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