15 Kingdoms

Adventure Log Entry #3

Into the Tunnels...

After Fan’s highly successful Sleep spell, we now have 3 kobolds to question. After much convincing, they let us know that they indeed have our villagers. They agree to let us take the villagers and go. For insurance, we gag them and knock them out so they can’t raise an alarm while we traverse deeper into the caverns.

We come to the next set of fortifications, a muddy ravine filled with junk. We move along quietly until Fan kicks some of the junk and the kobolds scatter. We face the remaining kobolds and take them down easily. Lucky for us, because they had a trap set and didn’t have time to set it off

The cave is dark, but Bemnar offers to lead the way. Farther down the path are 2 bridges above our heads. Bemnar tries to investigate, but the bridge snaps when he is nearing the top. His wounds from the fall are not unsubstantial. We decide that all of us being able to see is better than fumbling in the dark. It was a good thing, too, because we had just discovered another trip wire.

The ruckus and light drew in more kobolds. Fan discovered a neat trick of lassoing and pulling them down from the bridges, while the rest of us resigned ourselves to using our ranged weapons.

We come upon a ledge with a waterfall. On the top of the ledge are more kobolds, some of whom can fly. I never thought I’d see a flying kobold. It goes against nature! They too are taken down, though not as quickly as previous ones.

The cave is large, with many tunnels leading off of this central room. We pick a tunnel at random and go down it. It leads us to the nesting grounds, with many mothers, children and eggs. Promising to not hurt them, we are allowed to pass. The mothers direct us to our villagers.

We find a few of our villagers in a prison cell. Most are there, unharmed, but they have taken some of the children. We escort the villagers to the guard tower, knowing they can make it back to town unscathed.

We continue to explore the cave, searching for our missing children. We stumble across an interrogation in progress. A tiny kobold is torturing a large, undead ogre. The poor thing is not making much progress, as this undead was constructed for his brawn, not brains. As we watch, the bindings snap. We surround the ogre and fight valiantly, crushing it beneath our might. See footnote

The kobold is actually more intelligent than we give him credit for. He knows Common, and can answer some of our questions. Meepo (that is his name) tells us that their leader, Flametongue, has taken our villagers because he believes that the problems that befell his tribe stem from our town. Obviously that isn’t true. But there seems to be a magician of some sort controlling minds and making undead constructs in the ruins near the Kirgoth Plateau. We ask a few more questions, and then let Meepo go.

Time to rest up and continue our quest for the rest of our villagers.

*Footnote: ask AJ about his glowing tattoo. Magic? Curse? Look up possibilities when back at temple.



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